A downloadable game

This game is a work in progress. Right now it's been described by a couple people as "Pac-Man in the dark." You are a little knight, and you run around randomly generated mazes in the dark, trying to get coins. Find 30, and the stairs to the next floor will appear. If an enemy sees you, it will give chase until you manage to lose it.

Press enter to start the game.

Press F to toggle quality (It's not very optimized at the moment). You can resize the game but it runs a lot more slowly outside the native 608x480 resolution (the titlebar will show a smiley if you're at native resolution).

Press space to drop a firecracker, which will alert enemies nearby.

Use arrows to move.

Sometimes it seems like you still had plenty of breathing room when an enemy catches you. I'm working on fixing that.

Install instructions

You need Java 7 to run this game. On some platforms you might have to enable running as an executable.


DarkMaze-AGDGDemoDayBuild.jar 7 MB